Beach Resort

Located along the famous and beautiful promenade of Viareggio, Beach resort Bagno Roma was established in the early 30s.

During the Second World War, it hosted the US forces stationed in Italy.


The real core of the family-owned Business was Florio, lifeguard and leading figure for over 60 years.

To him we owe, among the many achievements of his career, the opening of the bar and the semi-Olympic swimming pool with real sea water.


Today, the resort has 100 umbrellas, 10 tents, 50 cabins, a real seawater swimming pool (25X12.5) and a Cafè, that the coming renovation, initially blocked by the EU Bolkenstein Directive and then by the regulatory plan of the municipality, is going to turn into a Restaurant.


The umbrellas are well spaced and composed of a director’s chair, a deck chair and a sun lounger; the tents are equipped with two director’s chairs, two deck chairs, two sun loungers and a small table.


Relaxation, the chance to perform various activities both on the beach or in the pool (even night events):  beach resort Bagno Roma is the perfect location for families and also for young people looking for both peace and fun. There is also a wi-fi connection in the beach club!


Our beach resort opens every year at the end of April and until the end of September (if the weather is fine, also in October for the weekends). Opening hours 8 am – 8 pm.